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Terms Of Service

Info: Those section marked with * are important if you do not intend to log into this website (see sections 0 through

0. Preamble*

We're glad to have you with us on our website. However, some terms and conditions also apply to your visit, terms and conditions which we will elaborate hereafter. The Terms Of Service which are represented by this document come into effect once you visit our website. We (the operators of this website), reserve the right to modify these Terms Of Service at any given time with an appropriate notice.

1. Definitions*

2. Cookies*

2.1 List of all stored cookies*

Below is a list of all cookies which might be stored on your device by our Website.

Name Lifespan Purpose
failures First failed attempt of login until end of session* or
first failed attempt of login until first successful login.
This cookie holds a number which represents the sum of all failed login attempts. It is valid for half an hour from your last failed attempt and will be deleted once you successfully login.
PEER_ID Login until logout or
login until end of session*.
This cookie holds your session's id.
It is used to determine the level of access you may or may not be granted.
cookies-accepted 365 days from a click on "I understand." in the cookies-notice. This cookie is merely used to hide the banner holding the notice about cookies.
* — "End of session" refers to the point in time when your browser deletes these cookies. This may happen on a number of occasions and depends on your browser's configuration.

2.2 Processing of Cookies*

All cookies stored on your device by our Website are stored just for this Website, which means that they are visible only to our Website and to nobody else.
Those cookies will be sent to our servers with any visit to any page of our website you make, will be inspected there and possibly modified sent back to your device.

2.3 Necessity of Cookies*

All cookies which will be stored on your device are essential to the functionality of our website. No cookies will be stored unless you take the steps necessary to cause storage of these cookies.

3. Personal Data*

The following section describes what of your personal data we collect and how we process them.

3.1 Lists of automatically transmitted personal Data*

3.1.1 List of automatically transmitted personal Data without an account or login on this Website*

The following of your personally identifiable information (or personal data as per EU GDPR) will be automatically transmitted by your browser upon any visit:

* — You can exclude any of this data from transmission in your browser's settings.
** — This data will only be transmitted if you're using inappropriately configured proxy servers. Processing of this Data*

Of all of the above data, only the following will be processed for the following reasons:

* — Analysing anomalies in your login behaviour won't happen automatically, but you'll be able to retrieve a list of all of your sessions. However, all of your sessions will be linked to your IP address and your operating system and all administrators of this Website have access to this information.

3.1.2 List of automatically transmitted personal Data after a login

3.2 Lists of permanently stored personal Data

3.2.1 List of permanently stored personal Data without an account on this Website

3.2.2 List of permanently stored personal Data with an account on this Website

* — You will be able to modify, reset or delete these point's data.

3.3 Access to personal data

Please be aware that most of the users of this Website (i.e. users with an account on this Website) have access to most of the aforementioned data. Also, the personnel of the website operator, which maintains this Website, have access to ALL of the aforementioned data directly via the database (not via this Website's system), even to data of the highest level of confidentiality. Those data will be treated with the highest rigour and will not be handed out to third parties nor published.

3.4 Adjudicated rights as per Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU General Data Protection Regulation)

The rights adjudicated to you by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (following simply "EU GDPR") are covered by a tool which is implemented in this Website. You will gain access to this tool once you login. Persons without an account on this Website currently have no access to it and are encouraged to reach out directly to us, an address for direct contact is present in our Imprint.
The aforementioned built-in tool covers the following functions and rights:

Notice: This aforementioned EU GDPR tool is also available and fully functioning outside of the European Union. However, website operators, who are subject to a judiciary outside the European Union, are not forced to meet the requirements of the EU GDPR for users who are subject to a judiciary outside the European Union, but for users who are subject to a judiciary inside the European Union, even if the website operators are not subject to such judiciary. Website operators, who are subject to a judiciary of a member state of the European Union (i.e. to a judiciary inside the European Union), however are forced to meet the requirements of the EU GDPR even for users who are not subject of an EU judiciary.

3.5 Legal basis for the processing of personal Data

For website operators inside the EU and natural persons, who are users of the Website, thus you, and who live in a member state of the European Union, EU GDPR Article 6 is general legal basis of the processing. The legal basis for the processing of personal Data is principled EU GDPR Article 6, Paragraph 1, lit. a; you have given your consent to the processing of your personal Data with your first login or your signature underneath the digest of these Terms Of Service.
If the processing of your personal Data happens for the fulfilment of a valid contractual relationship with this website's operators, like the delivery of goods or services, the legal basis for the subsequent processing of your personal data is EU GDPR Article 6, Paragraph 1, lit. b or EU GDPR Article 6, Paragraph 1, lit. c if this website's operators attend their legal duties with this processing.

4. Third Party Services

This Website does not use any services by Third Parties, such as Twitter, Google, Facebook or the like.

5. JavaScript

JavaScript is requried on this website to undertake accompanying functions and functions which shall increase this Website's accessibility for you. Its usage is completely optional, however, you may experience some difficulties using some of this Website's more advanced features as they rely heavily on JavaScript.

6. This Website's Source Code

This Website's source code is protected by copyright laws. However, this Website relies on the use of so-called open source software, i.e. software which is available freely but also protected by copyright laws. Below you will find an abridged list of software which is used on pages of this Website which are visible to you. The full list can be examined by logged-in users under /licences.

6.1 Abridged List of Software used by this Website

7. Disclaimer Of Liability

7.1 Liability for Hyperlinks

Our Website provides hyperlinks to external website which are run by third parties. Before we provide such hyperlinks, the authors of the article and/or or Content Ombudsperson will scrutinise the links in question for possible statutory violations and will only provide them if that examination is negative. But because the content of such links may change at any point in time, and neither we nor the authors of the articles have a bearing on the content we cannot be held liable for possible damage which originates from such links, including any mental health issues. A permanent check-up of all links for law violations is unreasonable. If you, however, have used such a hyperlink, and have found any law violating content, please inform our Content Ombudsperson immediately. They will investigate the issue and possibly delete the link.

7.2 Liability for Content

We, as the operators of this website, are, as per the current laws, responsible for the content we provide on our Website. If this content however refers to sources of third parties, we cannot give any warranty for the information provided. Also, content which we provide on our Website may become obsolete over time. Although we try to put up a notice on such obsolete information, we cannot be held liable for damages which originate from such obsolete information.

8. Copyright

All content of this Website is protected by copyright laws by the corresponding creators. This applies to articles as well as images and the like. If this content does not contain a complimentary notice, you must reach out to our Content Ombudsperson if you plan to reproduce, modify or distribute it in any way and obtain written approval of both the Content Ombudsperson and the creator. You can obtain such an approval if you contact the Content Ombudsperson (see our Imprint) with a link to the content in question. They will submit your inquiry to the creator and reach out to you, either with an approval or the denial.
As per current laws, we are required to remove any content which represents a violation of law. If you notice such violations, please contact the Content Ombusperson immediately.

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